1. The Idea

At Hydrorider we encourage the freedom of ideas and continual innovation, a good idea can come from anyone anywhere, anytime. Our passion comes from a desire to deliver innovative products that makes aqua fitness even better.

2. The creation

Creation is a process of analysis and definition, enriched by the experience and skills of those who want to create something useful, beautiful and well done. A quality we bring to the world that we are proud of.

3. The method

The method is created by our team of Master Trainers, it is the result of an extensive study and experience, it is the way to use our products and get the maximum results for improved health and wellbeing.

4. The training program

Our training program is the transfer of knowledge and experience from our Master Trainers, that have mastered the method, to group of professional instructors.

5. The dealers

Dealers are our best friends and we want to work with them to continually deliver the best possible product. Our business would not exist without them; we are one team.

6. The client

Our client’s satisfaction is the final goal of our work. We want to spread the culture of aqua fitness so that people can enjoy it’s benefits all around the world.

Trainings and Events

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