Attrezzi - Chi siamo

Many years have passed since we founded Hydrorider in the year 2000.
We have grown professionally, transformed and renewed ourselves, actively contributing to the evolution of the aquatic fitness world.

We create, design and manufacture equipment and accessories for aquafitness and aquagym and distribute them to swimming pools, sports centers, hotels, spas and water parks all over the world.
We are committed to satisfy the needs and expectations of an increasing number of passionate customers, offering specific and innovative products available at various price range like aquabike, aquatreadmill, aquajump, floating boards.
All products are tested throughout the production process to ensure that they meet our quality standards.

But a good product without the right training can be useless!
That is why we also promote our training activities offering specific education programs to allow instructors and all users to take advantage of all product’s full potential.

We believe in what we do and promote a "stress-free" work environment where everyone can share ideas and bring their creativity and talents to the table for the creation of the final product.
If you want to reach out to us we will be happy to answer all your questions and listen to your comments.