Aquajump Hydrorider
Aquajump Hydrorider
Aquajump Hydrorider
Aquajump Hydrorider
Aquajump Hydrorider
Aquajump Hydrorider

Aquajump professional

The Hydrorider Diamond Aquajump is a professional trampoline produced with excellent materials, starting from the 316L stainless steel frame, and with an innovating design specifically conceived for pool facilities.

This equipment allows you to enjoy the multiple benefits of water exercise, combined with coordination and fun: reduced stress, muscle relaxation, blood flow stimulation, and water massage.

Thanks to these advantages you can get great results in terms of physical training, weight loss, body balance, tonification and rehabilitation.


BASE: Frame shape provides superior stability and safety and is safe for use in all types of pools: ceramic, tiled, pvc etc.

POOL DEPTH: Recommended at 3.5' to 4.5' (110 - 140 cm)

INCLUDED: 2 year warranty on the stainless steel frame.

WEIGHT: 19 lbs.


+ Reduced Stress
+ Muscle Relaxation 
+ Blood Flow Stimulation 
+ Water Massaging
+ Stamina Training 
+ Weight Loss 
+ Balance Training 
+ Body Toning 
+ Physical Rehabilitation

+ Reliable and durable
+ Suitable for continuous daily use
+ Vulcanized rubber suction cups on bases for adhesion and pool floor protection 
+ Easy and compact stackability 
+ Little Storage Space Needed
+ Shock-resistant rubber bumpers
+ Low Maintenance